Birds in the Backcountry




So you like Birds, but have a hard time discerning a pigeon from a dove. Or maybe you are an avid ‘Birder’ and are looking to explore Tahoe’s Birding potential. Meet Glenn Polochko, our resident Tahoe Birding Specialist. Glenn will help you uncover the mysterious world of Ornithology. Impress your friends back home with a picture of the brightly colored Western Tanager or your savvy knowledge on why Forrest Woodpeckers drill into trees. Think of Glenn is our own personal David Attenborough; he has all the charm, knowledge and charisma, the only thing this hike is missing is the British accent. Dates: June 29, July 20, August 10 Time: 8:30am - 11:30am Pricing: $10 for hotel guests $20 for non-hotel guests


Join our avid Birder Glenn Polochko for a fun and informative hike spotting birds in the back country.


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Cancellation Policy: To guarantee a tour, payment for each participant anticipated is required at the time of the booking. A cancellation within 48 hours does not receive a refund. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the weather or refund money if you cancel due to weather. If weather is unacceptable or unsafe for the planned outdoor activity, we will offer an alternative tour at no additional charge.


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